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PlayInfo offers a wide variety of possibilities for the creation of graphics and content for broadcast. 

Find below a selection of the most common solutions our customer ask for, and see how PlayInfo can help you to ease your work

  • News – News programs must always be updated quickly and accurately, with editing of video content, broadcasting companies must look for a graphic solution to transmit the content, as well as make the program more vivid and richer
  • Stock – Updates on the stock market through graphic always requires the broadcast system to be easy to use and can be controlled flexibly.
  • Weather – Weather solution of PlayInfo enables to integrate directly weather data and display information via image form, icon and text on the available graphic templates
  • Program Introduce – The solution provides the user toolkit of making content- integrated graphic template. Information of the featured and prominent programs of the television channel is displayed on graphic template interface, bringing the user broadcasting information and time
  • Social Media – Interactive of feature between live TV programs and social networks, PlayInfo Social Network solutions creates a bridge between television station and audience, bringing connectivity tools and increasing interaction as well as the number of viewers of the show.
  • Watching Up Next – Synchronous capacity with the list broadcasting on OBI Play software allows PlayInfo to bring solution of introducing watching-up next program. Information of broadcasting and next programs is integrated on beautiful graphic templates bringing the audience visual insight to serve tracking of programs broadcasted on your television channels.

Brochure and other reading materials can be found in Download section.

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